JSW Australia Pty Ltd

Country (location): Australia We  would like to acknowledge Larry Gill and all of his staff, for the  outstanding support and service they have provided over the last 12  months, with assisting JSW Australia to introduce the Tatra Hook trucks  to our fleet. JSW’s  Managing Director, Jeff Branson, realized the potential that  hook-trucks could have on […]

Civil Road & Rail SX5 Pty Ltd

Country (location): Australia The Keller Group of companies comprises of civil earthmoving and building construction for the mining industry. Civil Road and Rail SX5 Pty Ltd has an extensive plant list of earthmoving and transport equipment, and most of this plant and equipment lies in new mining expansions for BHP Billiton and the Rio Tinto […]

Cape Crushing and Earthmoving Contractors Pty Ltd

Country (location): Australia Cape   Crushing and Earthmoving bought two heavy off-road TATRA trucks for the full   specification of a BHPB mine in 2007. We have used these trucks in demanding conditions for   the construction of roads and dams throughout western Australia. The trucks have operated in the most difficult conditions,   including the hot mining environment […]