Cape Crushing and Earthmoving Contractors Pty Ltd

Country (location): Australia

Cape   Crushing and Earthmoving bought two heavy off-road TATRA trucks for the full   specification of a BHPB mine in 2007.

We have used these trucks in demanding conditions for   the construction of roads and dams throughout western Australia. The trucks have operated in the most difficult conditions,   including the hot mining environment in the region of Pilbary and wet and   cold areas in Ravensthorpe. The trucks have been faultless and   exceeded all our previous experience. The vehicle is   easy to manoeuvre on roads, steep slopes and when descending into mine pits,   while the driver remains safe and comfortable with no ergonomic problems.

We recommend TATRA to all companies   searching for vehicles capable of safe off-road or mining operations. You   can contact us at any time for a personal recommendation.

Mike Heddon Managing Director