FORESTRY – TATRA for the wood industry

les FORESTRY   TATRA for the wood industry

  • Custom-built superstructures

    TATRA has a tailored solution ready for your business. We can fulfill the most demanding requirements

  • Handles the most demanding terrain

    A full-wheel-drive vehicle with optional engagement of front-axle drive.

  • Unique TATRA chassis

    All vehicles benefit from the excellent driving characteristics of the TATRA concept vehicle.

  • No intermediary frame

    The central load-bearing tube allows installation of dump truck bodies without a heavy and expensive intermediary frame.

Lumber to the maximum with TATRA

TATRA has excellent carrying capacity and is unrivalled in terrain. You are thus able to transport more materials faster, in any weather, and in comfort.

Build your own TATRA

Built your own TATRA truck exactly according to your wishes, type of operation and business. It’s easy. Just answer five simple questions

TATRA for forestry

Choose from select TATRA models designed for the forestry industry.



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