Civil Road & Rail SX5 Pty Ltd

Country (location): Australia

The Keller Group of companies comprises of civil earthmoving and building construction for the mining industry. Civil Road and Rail SX5 Pty Ltd has an extensive plant list of earthmoving and transport equipment, and most of this plant and equipment lies in new mining expansions for BHP Billiton and the Rio Tinto Group.

Civil Road and Rail SX5 operates TATRA trucks in the areas of 6 to 8-wheel service trucks, and the same ones for water carts and tippers. These trucks are used primarily for all terrain off-road operation on mine sites and were purchased for this particular application.

We have had great success with TATRA trucks in our operations. Their reliability, low wear and tear, and ability to perform well in all terrain conditions have been second to none. In comparison to other truck brands used by our company, such as European, American and Japanese trucks, the TATRA trucks have given us a greater overall return.

As and owner and CEO of the Keller Group of companies, I can say that the product and the relationship with Offroad Trucks (TATRA dealer) have been, from my point of view, a success story.

Ralph Keller Managing Director