Why Tatra?

  • bg produktivita 1 965x6701 Why Tatra?


    Higher payload capacity

    Uncontested total legislative payload capacity.


    Where others sink, TATRA drives on. You can thus transport more material, faster, in any weather and in comfort..

    Universal use

    TATRA trucks have unbeatable off-road performance, and on the road, they are competitive.

    Higher driver productivity

    Simply put, TATRAs drive excellently and comfortably.
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    Reliability and sturdiness

    Lower breakdown rate and longer life for both the power train and superstructures.

    No hub reductions

    Lower rolling resistance and fuel consumption, reduced service outlays (no need to change expensive synthetic oil).

    Efficient combustion

    TATRA motors and those of partner manufacturers are precisely matched to the rest of the power train.

    Modern transmissions

    Manual and automatic 10-, 14- and 16-speed transmissions.
  • komfort 965x6701 Why Tatra?


    Appreciably less vibration

    Significantly fewer vibrations are transmitted to the driver’s cab. You will feel the difference.

    Spacious and comfortable

    The cabin offers plenty of space and a great many features that ensure maximum comfort for the driver.

    Greater safety and security

    The higher lateral tilt of the chassis and stable position behind the wheel result in improved safety and a greater sense of security for the driver.

    Quicker reinvigoration

    Truly faster recovery of the driver after work, less illness and lower risk of an accident.
  • bg o spolecnosti 965x6701 Why Tatra?


    Tradition dating back to 1850

    Our long, uninterrupted manufacturing tradition is your assurance of quality and advanced technology.

    Unique chassis

    World-renowned technical innovations and unique design solutions.

    Extreme endurance

    Victories in grueling races, endurance under extreme conditions in both the civil and defense sectors.

    Customer orientation

    Comprehensive offer of solutions based on monitoring and complying with customer needs and requirements.

Vehicle design

unikatni koncepce1 Why Tatra?The main principle is the use of a central load-carrying tube and axles with independently suspended swinging half-axles bolted together into a single unit.

Unique T 810 chassis

podvozekt810 Why Tatra?T 810 forms its own class of vehicles in terrain where no other vehicle design can be used.


motor prevodovka Why Tatra?Among the unique technical solutions is a roller-bearing crankshaft bolted together from individual segments.


box ico prevodovka Why Tatra?TATRA transmission units are available in two basic versions: a fourteen-gear version (14TS) and a ten-gear version (10TS)


kabina Why Tatra?The majority of trucks currently produced are equipped with TATRA cabs. Only the T 810 customer project, as well as its civilian applications, uses a modern three-seat cab produced abroad.


benefits Why Tatra?Read what our clients have to say about us.