SKANSKA a.s. – Divízia Železničné staviteľstvo

Country (location): Czech Republic

Skanska a.s. company, Železniční stavitelství Division primarily builds, rebuilds and maintains rail roads. For this work, it uses Tatra trucks, mostly 6×6 tippers and chassis-cabs which carry various superstructures (mobile cranes, digger trucks, etc.). The above-mentioned trucks are irreplaceable when you build roads and you cannot build access roads as it would be very time-consuming, it would require a lot of space or due to financial reasons.

The main advantages of the above trucks are their great off-road mobility, a low COG contributing to greater safety, a good ratio of payload to the gross vehicle weight, favorable dimensions enabling to load the vehicle under overhead wires, as well as their  great reliability and low operating costs.

As we have been using these trucks for many years, our division managers are considering renewing the fleet and buying new Tatra trucks.

Stanislav Žaloudek Construction Dept. Manager