Tatras in 2014 Dakar Rally


On 5 January the most famous rally in the world – the Dakar Rally – started in Rosario, Argentina. Of the 75 racing teams on the entry list of the trucks category, eight have chosen trucks of the tried and tested TATRA design to conquer over ten thousand kilometres.

Only the future knows who is going to defeat the Atacama Desert and go through Argentina, Bolivia and Chile to reach Valparaiso, Chile, first and enjoy the taste of victory. In the trucks category, the chances of several teams featuring experienced drivers are standing high. Moreover, there will be quite a few of them in TATRA trucks. Martin Kolomý of the TATRA Buggyra Racing team, who finished in fifth place in 2013, has very good chances. Artur Ardavichus of the Bonver Dakar Project, who came third in 2012, aims to be on the podium as well as the experienced Aleš Loprais of the InstaForex Loprais Team.

This year the challenging off-road parade of advanced technology and abilities of the drivers of TATRA trucks will feature the following teams and truck models (order according to starting numbers):

Crew Team Model
Martin Kolomý (CZ)David Kilián (CZ)

René Kilián (CZ)

TATRA Buggyra   Racing TATRA T815
Aleš Loprais   (CZ)Serge Bruynkens   (BE)

Radim   Pustějovský (CZ)

InstaForex   Loprais Team TATRA JAMAL
Tomáš Vrátný (CZ)Milan Holáň (CZ)

Jaroslav   Miškolci (CZ)

Bonver Dakar   Project TATRA T815
Jan Tománek (CZ)Michael Honda (CZ)

Tomáš Kašpárek (CZ)

InstaForex   Loprais Team TATRA T815
Jaroslav Kazberuk (PL)Maciej Morton (PL)

Filip Škrobánek   (CZ)

Bonver Dakar   Project TATRA T815
Pierre Blom (NL)Jeffrey Schoo (NL)

Michel van Herpen   (NL)

Independent   Dutch Team TATRA PHOENIX
Artur Ardavičus (KZ)Alexej Nikizhev (KZ)

Radim Kaplánek   (CZ)

Bonver Dakar   Project TATRA JAMAL
Róbert Kasák (SK)Chris Watman (AU) Australian Team TATRA T815


The TATRA TRUCKS company wishes all racing teams the best of luck, the best possible results and reaching the finish line in Valparaiso, Chile.

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