TATRA at Queensland Mining & Engineering Exhibition

Offroad Trucks Australia, the TATRA authorised dealer exhibits at one of the world’s largest exhibitions of products and services for the mining and related engineering industries. The show is held at Mackay, Queensland, July 22 – 24, 2014.

There are presented TATRA PHOENIX 8×8 mining tipper and T815-7 8×8 truck with push-off system.

TATRA vehicles used by mining companies in Australia are very popular with their reliability and terrain permeability. TATRA PHOENIX 8×8 is equipped with Paccar MX, 6 cylinder engine and automatic transmission Allison. Volume of the Slovak VS-Mont’s tipper is 18m3. Following the safety rules, a protection frame according ROPS/FOPS has been built-in behind and over the cab.

Commercial version of the “seven-series” line, well know especially as a military or firefighting vehicles with one front and three rear axles from which the last one is steerable has already been presented at BAUMA 2013 exhibition and after the show has been sent to test and promotional activities to Australia. This vehicle is equipped with TATRA air-cooled engine 325 kW, automatic Allison transmission and electric retarder Telma. The crew protection according to ROPS/FOPS is built-in in the cab roof. The tipper works with Fliegl push-off system that can empty the tipper without tipping and thanks to this fact can be used also e.g. for underground works.

Both of the exhibits can work at ground works, mining and construction, nevertheless TATRA vehicles in Australia are working also as service and maintenance trucks – sprinklers, tankers for fuel and lubricants, platforms for parts and other services.

Any questions and inquiries should be answered, please contact us at ou(at)tatra.cz