tatra t158 8p5r33 451 oplen umikov 6x6 UNIVERSAL LOG TRUCK
T 158-8P5R33.451

  • TATRA design
  • 6×6 drive
  • 340 kW EURO 5
Engine PACCAR MX340, EURO 5, 340 kW, 2,300 Nm/1,000-1,410 min-1
Transmission ZF 16S 2530 TO
Cabin COE, sleeper cab, hydraulic tilting, dependent water heater, air conditioner or independent heating on request
Wheelbase 4,500 + 1,320 mm
Maximum technically permissible vehicle weight 30,000 kg
Climbing capacity at 30,000 kg 100 %
Maximum technically permissible weight of loaded vehicle combination 54,000 kg
Superstructure UMIKOV PN 3.24.1 trailer Three-axle trailer, no floor, equipped with stakes, made for transportation of logs of from 2 to 8 m. Three BPW ECO PLUS axles, one of them lifted; tire versions: double tires, or single tires on request; air suspension/BPW air bellows Trailer curb weight: 5,250 kg; maximum technically permissible trailer weight:  27,000 kg

HYDRAULIC CRANE – EPSILON M130 Z96 Working radius: 9,600 mm; net lifting moment: 119 kNm; lifting capacity at jib head: 2,960 kg/4 m; 2,360 kg/5 m; 1,950 kg/6 m; 1,650 kg/7 m; 1,430 kg/8 m; 1,210 kg/9 m

Truck dimensions

tatra t158 8p5r33 451 oplen umikov rozmery 6x6 UNIVERSAL LOG TRUCK